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In today's market people are looking for better and more secure solutions to protect their homes and businesses using the Internet. We are just becoming aware to the fact that we may not be as protected from the elements on the Internet as we once thought. With technologies getting more sophisticated and computer hacking and fraud at an all time high users of the Internet are becoming more wary of what we need to protect our personal or corporate information properly.

Everyday there are more reports made on how businesses and banks are being penetrated without warning and most times without detection. Although many businesses have invested monies on networking equipment and consulting personnel thinking that they have secure themselves from the elements, many are finding to their chagrin that somehow they are still exposed or being hacked.

Mavcore Services, LLC is familiar to the needs of today's Internet users. Using the Internet has become so much more complicated with new releases of Microsoft application (Windows 7) and Apple's Operating System (Snow Leopard). There are many new security threats and sophisticated software downloaded to users computers every day.

At anytime Google, Adobe, Microsoft or Facebook can download any number of utility applications without the user being aware of it. In addition, many websites that people visit download their own little packages on your computer.

Wouldn't you like to know who is monitoring your computer?


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